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About Us

Tetrad Capital Partners is a special-situations focused principal investment, advisory and execution firm based in London with a global presence. 

Tetrad has no peers. It possesses a unique hybrid of skills and experience in principal investing,  merchant banking, management consulting, law, and interim management.

Tetrad acts as an investor, multi-disciplinary advisor, and stakeholder representative – be it for its own investments or that of its co-investors or clients.

In addition to large well-established firms, Tetrad focuses on high-growth situations where its unique approach, expertise, and relationships can facilitate the transformation and scaling up of vibrant entrepreneurial enterprises to a self-sustaining firms.

Tetrad is active globally including Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. This enables the firm to see trends, review a broad array of investment opportunities and to maintain a global perspective. 

The firm works with corporate institutions and private investment offices. The former includes some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated hedge funds and commercial banks. The latter includes those which are newly formed as well those which are well-established. 

The leadership team at Tetrad consists of seasoned executives each with over 15 years of experience as investors, chief restructuring officers, investment bankers,  senior managers of operating businesses, management consultants and lawyers at the world’s foremost firms. 

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