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Conferences & Articles

Private Equity International Alternative Insight 

Conferences & Publication - Zurich, Singapore

| Approach for investments when things go wrong |
| Balancing & structuring investment portfolio: Direct vs indirect; alternatives |
| What makes a private investment office successful in direct investing |
| Gaining global & diversified exposure using private equity |
| The evolution of the family office: From allocator to direct investor (or vice versa) |

Image by Larry Teo
Image by Ed Robertson

Private Equity International | Real Estate

Interview - London

| Direct investing vs funds |
| Real estate vs other alternative assets |
| Change in alternative investment landscape |

Institute for Private Investors

Conferences & Publication - London

| Plan B for existing holdings |
| Opportunities and concerns in direct deal flow |
| Key factors for success in sourcing, executing, managing & exiting direct investments |

Image by Marcin Nowak

EEL Events | Intelligent Investment in Emerging Markets

Conference - Belgrade

| M&A and private equity forum: Opportunities in TMT, FCMG, Healthcare, Agriculture |

Campden Wealth

Conferences - Zurich, Abu Dhabi

| Investment portfolio rationalisation - from an entrepreneurial angle |
| Formalising the family unit: The role of the Chief Investment Officer, advisors, family objectives and structure, family offices & governance |
| Constructing and optimising the structure of the Investment Committee |

Image by Rhiannon Elliott
Image by Juliana

Clearview Financial

Conference & Publication - Abu Dhabi

| Alternative Investment Strategies: Private Equity, Direct Investments, Funds, Venture Capital, Commodities |
| Investing and managing existing holdings |

Private Equity International | Alternative Insight

Interview - Hong Kong

| Requirements for successful direct investing by private investment offices |
| Club deals vs co-investment with fund managers vs solo deals |
| Attributes of private investment offices in different regions |

Image by Lok Yiu Cheung
Image by Johnny Bhalla


Australian Graduate School of Management

Case Study

| Private equity: Sources of returns & new paradigm |
| Special situations – deep value or trap |

University of Washington -

Foster School of Business

Case Study

| Private equity: Sources of returns & new paradigm |
| How to approach a multi-pronged & challenged opportunity |

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