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Tetrad Capital Partners is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Tetrad Capital Partners is a special-situations focused principal investment, advisory and execution firm based in London with a global presence. 

Tetrad has no peers. It possesses a unique hybrid of skills and experience in principal investing,  merchant banking, management consulting, law, and interim management.

Tetrad acts as an investor, multi-disciplinary advisor, and stakeholder representative – be it for its own investments or that of its co-investors or clients.

In addition to large well-established firms, Tetrad focuses on high-growth situations where its unique approach, expertise, and relationships can facilitate the transformation and scaling up of vibrant entrepreneurial enterprises to a self-sustaining firms.

Tetrad is active globally including Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. This enables the firm to see trends, review a broad array of investment opportunities and to maintain a global perspective. 

The firm works with corporate institutions and private investment offices. The former includes some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated hedge funds and commercial banks. The latter includes those which are newly formed as well those which are well-established. 

The leadership team at Tetrad consists of seasoned executives each with over 15 years of experience as investors, chief restructuring officers, investment bankers,  senior managers of operating businesses, management consultants and lawyers at the world’s foremost firms. 

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| Collaborative, sustained & pro-active involvement |


| Portfolio-wide or specific investment|

| Restructuring, Investing for growth, Disposal |

| Control or Influential stakes |


| Collaborative & engaged representation on boards |

| On behalf of shareholders, lenders and other stakeholders |

| Listed and private companies |


| Direct Investments - new capital |

| Sole or co-investment |

| Institutional requirements for success |


| Complex transitional situations |

| Multi-disciplinary expertise |

| Sole or coordinating role |


| Fund raising across the capital structure |

| Broad & comprehensive involvement |

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Western & Eastern Europe

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Middle East

Dubai & Abu Dhabi

North America

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Investments & Situations

Selected Recent Examples

Investment & Stakeholder Representation

Western Europe

| €2BN+ high-growth listed company |

| In partnership with a New York-based hedge fund |

Image by RawFilm
Image by C Dustin

Stakeholder Representation & Restructuring

UK & Middle East

| $3Bn+ private firm | 

| In partnership with international lending syndicate |

Management Buyout of Listed Company

Eastern Europe

| $200MM take-private |

| In partnership with management team |

Image by Nemanja Stevic
Image by Zbynek Burival

Co-investment, Restructuring & Financing

North America & Brazil

| $500MM investment office, $200MM privately held firm | 

| In partnership with a US-based single family office |

Investment & Stakeholder Representation

Western Europe

| €2 Bn+ listed construction, infrastructure and energy |

| In partnership with a New York-based hedge fund |

Image by Nick Fewings

Stakeholder Representation & Restructuring

UK & Middle East

| $750MM private firm |

| In partnership with international lending syndicate |

Other Situations

US, UK, Europe

| Telecom |

| Media |

| Technology |

| Real Estate |

| Lodging |

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| Growth |


Tetrad invests in and partners with high-growth companies.

An integral part of investing in such situations is to bring to bear the firm's engaged involvement, multi-disciplinary expertise and global relationships to help these companies scale up and cross the chasm from being project-based / product-focused early-stage enterprises to successful companies positioned for long term success.

As part of this endeavour Tetrad has formed strategic relationships with some of the leading early-stage investment firms in Europe and the US.

One of these firms is Katalysen Ventures AB - based in Stockholm, Sweden. Katalysen shares a similar philosophy to Tetrad in terms of developing long term value-added partnerships with its investors and portfolio companies.

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Team & Resources

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| Gagik Apkarian is the founder of Tetrad Capital Partners | 20 years of experience in private equity, investment banking & management consulting | U.S, Europe, Middle East, Australia | Judge on Harvard University’s Innovation Challenge |

| Co-founder and General Partner at Vulcan Capital – private investment office of Paul G Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) | Dual mandate: restructuring $10Bn+ portfolio of legacy public & private equity direct investments and pursuing investments in private equity, public securities and infrastructure | Companies from $100 million to $20 billion in value | Member of or observer on boards of portfolio companies | Member of Investment Committee |

| Investment banker - Morgan Stanley in London, Bear Stearns in New York | 

| Management consultant - McKinsey & Company - New York and Australia |

| MBA - Harvard Business School | B.Sc. with double majors in mathematics & physics - UNSW | B.E. (1st class honours) - electrical engineering - UNSW |

Conferences & Articles

Private Equity International Alternative Insight 

Conferences & Publication - Zurich, Singapore

| Approach for investments when things go wrong |
| Balancing & structuring investment portfolio: Direct vs indirect; alternatives |
| What makes a private investment office successful in direct investing |
| Gaining global & diversified exposure using private equity |
| The evolution of the family office: From allocator to direct investor (or vice versa) |

Image by Larry Teo
Image by Ed Robertson

Private Equity International | Real Estate

Interview - London

| Direct investing vs funds |
| Real estate vs other alternative assets |
| Change in alternative investment landscape |

Institute for Private Investors

Conferences & Publication - London

| Plan B for existing holdings |
| Opportunities and concerns in direct deal flow |
| Key factors for success in sourcing, executing, managing & exiting direct investments |

Image by Marcin Nowak

EEL Events | Intelligent Investment in Emerging Markets

Conference - Belgrade

| M&A and private equity forum: Opportunities in TMT, FCMG, Healthcare, Agriculture |

Campden Wealth

Conferences - Zurich, Abu Dhabi

| Investment portfolio rationalisation - from an entrepreneurial angle |
| Formalising the family unit: The role of the Chief Investment Officer, advisors, family objectives and structure, family offices & governance |
| Constructing and optimising the structure of the Investment Committee |

Image by Rhiannon Elliott
Image by Juliana

Clearview Financial

Conference & Publication - Abu Dhabi

| Alternative Investment Strategies: Private Equity, Direct Investments, Funds, Venture Capital, Commodities |
| Investing and managing existing holdings |

Private Equity International | Alternative Insight

Interview - Hong Kong

| Requirements for successful direct investing by private investment offices |
| Club deals vs co-investment with fund managers vs solo deals |
| Attributes of private investment offices in different regions |

Image by Lok Yiu Cheung
Image by Johnny Bhalla


Australian Graduate School of Management

Case Study

| Private equity: Sources of returns & new paradigm |
| Special situations – deep value or trap |

University of Washington -

Foster School of Business

Case Study

| Private equity: Sources of returns & new paradigm |
| How to approach a multi-pronged & challenged opportunity |

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| Park House | 116 Park St | Mayfair |
| London | W1K 6SS | United Kingdom |

+44 (0) 20 7118 7119

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